About Me

I have been providing creative and original design and production services for over 10 years. Based in Toronto, Canada, I graduated from Sheridan College's Media Arts program and dedicated years in the local Film & Video scene as an Art Director/Production Designer. Losing Juggles (an Independent Short film produced by Jessie Wallace) and 15 Minute Death (Independent short film Directed by Jessie Wallace) had won me 2 Media Arts Awards for Best Art Direction.

During the years as Art Director/Production Designer, I realized that I wanted to work with a medium that will not restrict my creativity and enrolled in Humber College's post-graduate course ; 3D for Games & Interactive Production.

Aching to combine my new and fascinating set of skills to my film & video production experience, I honed my animation skills in the field of digital signage production and DVD Games production. During this time I was able to explore the exciting world of web development.

I joined Bedlam Games (a division of Groove Media Inc.) as an Environment artist in 2006. I became actively involved with preproduction phases of development and helped improve the production pipeline of the studio. I became Key particles/effects artist on multiple released and unreleased games for the Studio.

I started my journey as a freelance designer/artist during the restructuring of Bedlam Games/Groove Media, I decided to take my experience and skills in Film, Interactive Multimedia production and 3D Game development back to the world of Web design. My recent work include flash animations, xml integration and template creation for Interactive e-Learning projects as well as online video creation. I also developed a number of showcase websites as well as e-commerce solutions for global clients.



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Hameda is the best at what she does.Simply the best.


Selected Clients

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wenjun China, New Balance Asia, Toyota, Ford of Canada, IBM, Scotia Bank of Canada, De Novo Concept Inc/Zuup, Greco Creative Marketing, Fuel Advertising, Maritz Canada/RIM/Blackberry, Young & Rubicam / Enfatico/Dell, Proximity Canada / Gillette

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Telephone: 647-728-3437
Email: info [at] hamedayeung [dot] com
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada